Discover Asian Games on National China Day

Published October 3, 2010

Discover Asian Games on National China Day

From ancient Chinese roots to online casino favorites.

If you're Chinese then 1st October is a Red Letter Day - it's Chinese National Day, set aside to come over all patriotic. From ceremonial parades in Tiananmen Square through to private parties, fireworks and plenty of flag waving.

One thing many Chinese residents can't do to celebrate is to go to a local casino, as under current legislation gambling is illegal in most parts of China as well as online. Aside from illegal backstreet casinos, China has its very own Vegas, in the shape of Macau. Here alone visitors can enjoy the razzmatazz and thrills of legal gambling.

Asian Games with Chinese Roots

It is ironic that gambling is so restricted in China as many current online casino favorites originated in this very part of the world. Mahjong, Sic Bo and Keno all have ancient Chinese roots and have made a resurgence on the online casino scene.

Sites such as Euro Grand Casino and Europa Casino have sections dedicated to Asian Games. These are popular with Asian gamblers all over the world both at land based and online casinos. They offer a variation to more traditional online casino games but still provide players with the thrills of the turn of the cards and the throw of the dice. Asian games also play upon online gamblers' strengths, calling for skill, strategy and luck to bring in the winnings.

Chinese Games on Chinese National Day

China National Day 2010 celebrates 61 years since Chairman Mao declared the founding of the People's Republic of China. Why not mark the day by playing Asian Games at Europa Casino?

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