Future of Online Gambling in Singapore Up In Air

Published May 20, 2013

Future of Online Gambling in Singapore Up In Air

What will government measures bring about?

Singapore has always been a prime location for many of the world's best land-based casinos including the new Marina Bay Sands which is a pinnacle of the best designs in the world. With a gambling culture set deep within the bustling state at the tip of the Malay Peninsula and a rising number of players on the many online casino platforms available to Singaporeans, there are now new threats to the online gambling industry there. The Singapore government is only trying to look out for potential addicts to online casinos but attempting to outlaw the entire industry may be the worst thing they could possibly do.

Online Casinos are the number one supporters of Responsible Gaming and it could be that the government in Singapore needs to research the limitations that can be set by responsible players instead of taking action to ban online brands from within their borders.

Responsible Gambling is a game for friends, family and even colleagues. You can set your limit for losses so you will physically not be able to make additional bets at the casino you are playing at.  The odds are always in the casinos favor and understanding that is the first step to playing responsibly. You can also set time limits that you are allowed to play so you will not become addicted to any online casino game.

We hope that the Singapore government realizes that banning something as fun as online casino games will only create chaos from within and pursuing responsible gambling as a way to limit play is a far better and more responsible choice.

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