Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer

With a low house edge and easy to master game mechanics, Chemin de Fer offers a fun fast-paced version of baccarat.

Best Chemin de Fer Casinos

Chemin de Fer is a baccarat version inspired by the classic game and one that strays very little from the original concept. As one of the oldest baccarat games available, it is definitely worth checking out by those who love this popular card game.

One of the main characteristics of Chemin de Fer is that you don’t play against the house. Players will compete against each other, which means that the competition is intense and the game is more engaging. One player will assume the role of the bank and there can be at least 8 and a maximum of 12 competitors.

With the shoe moving around the table, each player will be the bank for one turn. Because it promotes competition between players, it is among the baccarat fans favorite, but still difficult to find online. Since you don’t play against the house, it is more difficult for the casino to make a profit. The rules are also different, which complicates matters for Internet operators willing to offer this popular game.

How to Play Chemin de Fer

Most baccarat varieties don’t differ too much and only have a few rules tweaks to appeal to a broader audience. Chemin de Fer is special because it is played by truly unique rules. Once a banker is set, it will decide the stakes for the next bet, while participating players will have to match it before the rounds start.

Players are entitled to call “banco” at any point and if they do so, they will risk their chips against the banker’s investment. This gives punters priority over their peers, with the first to act being the one seated right of the dealer.

There is always the possibility of players not covering the entire banker back. This gives observers the possibility of tagging along, which is particularly useful when the table is full. The banker increases the stakes if the players bet more than its original back or remove the extra bets.

The banker and the player will get two cards each, both face down and the player with the highest bet will represent the player side. Both sides are entitled to look at their hands after the cards are dealt, with a Natural hand of 8 or 9 automatically producing the winner. If this doesn’t happen, the game will progress based on the standard Chemin de Fer rules.

Players stand on 6 and 7, hit on any hand total ranging from 0 to 4 and can decide what happens next if they get a 5. The rules that govern the banker’s actions are slightly more complicated, which makes it wise to have them noted down if you play this game for the first time.

Chemin de Fer Payouts

The winner is the side that has a hand closer to nine and the winnings are equal to the stakes. If the bank prevails, it will claim all the bets from the table in addition to the 5% fee from the player’s bets. The punter playing the role of the bank can continue after a winning round or pass the shoe. This can be done at any point, but the unwritten rules state that the bank plays a minimum of one turn after a winning hand.

Chemin de Fer Guides

Chemin de Fer has passed the test of time and it is still immensely popular among baccarat fans. We meet them halfway with several free guides that can be used to increase the odds of winning.

Why Play Chemin de Fer?

The scarcity of casinos offering this baccarat variety is the biggest problem for the fans of the game. As long as you find one offering it, the immersive nature makes it worth playing. The prospect of assuming the role of the house for a few turns is exciting, while the house edge is low compared to other games.

The game is played at a relatively slow pace, with not so many hands played during a session. On the bright side, each hand is exciting as it involves all the participants and sometimes even the observers. Perhaps one of the main reasons for playing Chemin de Fer is that it gives more control to the players. They decide what happens with hands total of 5, which slightly influences the house edge in their favor.

Top Three Tips for Chemin de Fer

The different rules that apply to Chemin de Fer make it a tempting proposition for baccarat fans. These three tips should help beginners make the most of the time spent playing this competitive game.

  • Manage your bankroll - just because the house edge is low and the game is competitive by nature, doesn’t mean that you should bet excessively. Wager only the amounts you can afford to lose.
  • Don’t overplay your hand - as a banker, it is important to stay in control of your stakes. Don’t let the players’ bets pressure you into betting more and stay within your comfort zone
  • Respect the etiquette - if you win as a banker, play at least one more round as this is the unwritten law of Chemin de Fer. You have nothing to lose by doing it, so stick to the etiquette.

How We Rate Chemin de Fer Online Casinos

Since there are not so many casinos offering Chemin de Fer, it can be a challenge to find top operators. We have singled out the best casinos offering the game and rank them based on a strict set of rules. We have tested them for fairness, promotion quality, reliability and speed of transactions and other factors.


Can I play Chemin de Fer online?

There are few casinos offering this version of the game, but there are still operators offering it.

Does the banker have an edge in Chemin de Fer?

The banker has an advantage over players due to the drawing rules, but the edge is minimal.

Do I get to play the banker in Chemin de Fer?

Yes. All players assume the role of the banker for at least one hand, as the shoe moves around the table.

What happens if both sides have the same hand in Chemin de Fer?

This is called a tie and when it happens, the money remains on the table and a new hand is played.

Do I have to cover excess bets as the banker?

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