High Limit Baccarat

High limit baccarat delivers an unparalleled experience of excitement and thrills.

Over the years, high limit baccarat has built itself a rather stern image of a game catering exclusively to the rich and noble, a game played on fancy yachts and in the world's most exquisite land-based casinos. High limit baccarat has a magic to it that no other casino game can quite compare to. It is common for land-based casinos to rope off their high limit baccarat tables where the wagers and stakes are high, a thing which further arouses the curiosity of casino by-passers and contributes to the game's alluring charm.  

Much of high limit baccarat's appeal can be attributed to the queen's best spy, James Bond, who is depicted as an avid fan of the game, and also a high roller at that. Only players with fitting bankrolls can sit down at a high limit baccarat table in an online casino or a land-based casino. A game based solely on luck, high limit baccarat draws those players who don't mind a risk in return for a chance to land considerable amounts of money. High limit baccarat is a game suited only for players who can afford to play in terms of their bankrolls, or those who are given an exclusive invitation.

High limit baccarat is very straight up in terms of rules: Players are required to place a bet either on the player on the banker, trying to guess which party will receive a hand which will be nearest to the number 9. High limit baccarat tables are usually reserved only to players who can make very substantial wagers, that's due to the fact that the game offers players the lowest house edge. Some high limit baccarat tables offer minimum bets which can appeal to standard players or mid rollers, but if the stakes are too high, hesitant players can find their gold in low limit baccarat.

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