High Limit Craps

High limit craps is the ultimate Vegas experience for high rollers.

One of the most iconic casino games, craps has been played in many different variations since ancient times. While some think it to be a difficult game to play, that is not so: In its basic form, craps is a game where wagers are placed on the outcome of dice rolls. Craps tables are usually the most active zones in land-based casinos, characterized by many spectators and players shouting in excitement as the dice are rolled. High limit craps tables are usual gathering points of experienced players and high rollers due to their very high potential payouts. High limit craps tables are usually reserved so long as players meet their minimum betting requirements.

In every craps games, all eyes are set on the shooter; that is the player who rolls the dice on his turn. Players in the game can place bets on a wide range of possibilities found on a standard craps table – the great many possibilities sometimes steer players away who think them to be complicated but that isn't the case. Most bets have to do with numbers, be they individual numbers or different ranges of numbers which players estimate will come up. Some of craps' most common bets include Pass and Don't Pass bets; these refer to the general success of the shooter. The first roll which is called the Come Out Roll must not hit the numbers 2, 3 and 12; if these are hit, the shooter is replaced. Land-based casinos require of the shooter's dice to hit the opposite end of the table, a thing which is processed automatically by online casino software.

One of the biggest advantages found in high limit craps games played in online casinos is the inherent low house edge which defines the game. This renders high limit craps a game where high rollers can win big payouts, following the game's simple rules with popular bets like Come, Don't Come, Pass and Don't Pass bets. High limit craps tables are usually found in the more prestigious online casinos, and are usually open to players of higher tiers due to their requirements. High limit craps is a game catering to high rollers and experienced players, if you find that it is too much for you, low limit craps tables are always available in online casinos.

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