High Limit Video Poker

High limit video poker is a hit in online casinos.

Known for its high fun factor and backed by the fact that it's a game based on skill, video poker is one of the most popular games in both online casinos and brick & mortar casinos. Simple to play yet challenging to master, video poker demands of players to use their wits in order to obtain the highest-ranking five card hand. High limit video poker is loved by experienced video poker players and high rollers due to its bigger payouts which are sometimes tied to exclusive VIP benefits. The great pay tables found in high limit video poker games call for taking into consideration things like bankroll management and the game's standard deviation.

One important tactic which is used by high limit video poker players is the tracking of wins and losses on an hourly basis. It doesn't take a mathematical wiz to get a fairly accurate understanding of how one's bankroll should look while playing high limit video poker. This is done by multiplying one's average bet amount by the number of wagers he makes in an hour. The result of this multiplication should then be multiplied by the house edge of the casino in which the player plays high limit video poker. This second multiplication should give the player a number which will represent an estimated high limit video poker loss per hour figure. This equation of course can also work for low limit video poker.

To further demonstrate this method: Say you play 100 high limit video poker hands in one hour, with each wager worth $100, with the house edge on Aces and Faces for the demonstration being 0.5%. To have optimal bankroll management, you would do this: 100 multiplied by $100 which is then multiplied by 0.5%. Your hourly loss is $50. Practice this method for effectively managing your bankroll when playing high limit video poker.

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