Online Pachinko

Online Pachinko

Pachinko – a refreshingly different online casino game!


Pachinko is essentially a Japanese version of a slot machine game.  Pachinko originated in Japan and is still popular in that country as well as other countries all over the world.  The Japanese frequently play this game for recreation and big winning potential. 


Playfield: This is the physical field where ball will land and where other features of the game are located

Primary Playfield: The entire playfield represented by pins, chutes, cell, etc.

Sub-playfield: This is generally located under the LCD screen and if balls enter into this area it increases the chance of another entry to the start pocket

Cell: This is the background of the playfield and the same machines in one series may have different cells depending on their specifications

Pins: These are the small metal spikes that the ball runs into when they are moving around the game


In each Pachinko game there is a ball catcher at the bottom.  The goal of the game is simple – you just launch balls from a specific point at the top of the playing field with the hope of getting the ball into the ball catcher.  There are many obstacles that stand in the way of the ball and if the ball is lost then players cannot get it back.  Therefore, the most important thing is to protect the ball during a game.  Every Pachinko ball that you can score into the catcher will give you extra balls – usually 4. 

In the center of the Pachinko game there is a structure that has a spinning reel which is somewhat similar to traditional slot machines.  The reel has various winning lines that spin during the game and give you the chance to get additional wins.  The fun part of the game is that the Pachinko balls are your ‘currency’ at the end of the game so the more balls you have the larger the payout will be. 


Online casinos have a variety of different Pachinko games that beautifully recreate the playfield.  The excitement of the game rests with winning real money with your pinball skills.  The strategy in this game is based on skill and the more balls you can get into the winning holes the more special features and money you can win.  In order to increase the excitement of this game, random spinning reels are included that offer great jackpots for skilled players. 


The best tip for players is to practice Pachinko for free before playing with reel money.  This game is similar to pinball and it takes some skill to learn how to get the balls into the winning holes.  For those who are already skilled pinball players, Pachinko should be fairly easy to play.  The reels are unique and will randomly appear and offer bonuses, jackpots and cash prizes for skilled players.

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