Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat

Fast-paced action awaits players who play Speed baccarat - action packed sessions and almost none to zero downtime between each hand.

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Speed Baccarat is a variant of the popular card game that can be found at online casinos. Back in the day, the original game was reserved to the elite, but today it is played by anyone who enjoys casino games with a low house edge. Online games are fast-paced and casinos go to great lengths to keep punters at the edge of their seats. Those who choose speed baccarat, do it because they can speed up the tempo without making any compromises. The game carries the same low house edge and rewards perseverance.

Finding speed baccarat tables can be a bit more difficult than finding those catering to the fans of the classy. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play this version of the game and some of the best casinos out there. In this short guide we take a closer look at the operators offering speed baccarat and highlight the best choices for casual and veteran punters.

Speed Baccarat Fundamentals

Baccarat tables are always swarmed by enthusiastic players in brick-and-mortar casinos. Having said this, you won’t find speed baccarat in land-based venues, as this game is available exclusively online.

It comes as no surprise that online casinos were quick to promote the speedy version of baccarat, since they seek nonstop action. The good news is that you can play against the algorithms, as well as real dealers, so there are no trade-offs to be made. A few game rule changes were made to turn the heat up a notch and push the game into overdrive. You’ll still bet on the banker, the dealer or the time if you fancy high odds. Some of the most exciting live dealer speed baccarat games are run by Evolution Gaming.

What differs is the pace of the game and speed baccarat will require around 30 seconds to complete a hand. This is significantly faster than the classic game and that’s why it is more suitable for experienced punters. You need to make up your mind right away, so it pays off to learn the rules of the game before sitting down at the virtual tables.

Interactions with dealers are still possible, but less frequent because time is of the essence. Bets are placed faster and cards are dealt right away, with winners being paid with no delay. This allows the game to advance to the next hand with round-the-clock action defining speed baccarat tables. If you enjoy speedy action and don’t mind the added pressure, then you should definitely check out this baccarat version.

Speed Baccarat Guides

If you enjoy playing classic baccarat and need a bit of help with the speed version, you will find several comprehensive guides here for free.

Speed Baccarat vs. Regular Baccarat

Speed is the only difference between the two games, as all the other rules are pretty much the same. The return to player is just as high and cards have the same value. You will still be tasked to make a hand as close to nine as possible, without risking going bust.

Speed baccarat is all about action and with almost two hands to be played per minute, every gaming session can be pretty intense. If you have limited time gambling, speed baccarat is obviously the better choice. It’s important to keep in mind that players have just a few seconds to bet or miss their turn.

Speed baccarat can be played on mobile devices, but we recommend trying it first on a computer. That’s because you need every help you can get in placing instant bets, something that is easier done with the mouse and keyboard. Don’t set your expectations too high in regard to the their interactions, because the croupiers have their hands full when dealing at these tables.

Top 3 Tips for Speed Baccarat

In order to fully enjoy speed baccarat, you should consider these tips and tricks. There are plenty of things that can be done to make the most of this game, but we strongly believe that these are the key ones.

  • Master classic baccarat first - don’t jump straight to speed baccarat if you are new to the game. Learn the classic version first and only after you master it should you try speed baccarat.
  • Focus 100% on the game - some casino games are more forgiving and allow you to do other things while playing. Speed baccarat requires your undivided attention to be successful.
  • Bankroll management is essential - whether you play the fast-paced version of the game or the classic baccarat, bankroll management must be flawless. Bet amounts you can afford to lose.

How We Rate Speed Baccarat Casinos

There are fewer online casinos that offer speed baccarat compared to those covering the classic version. The ones that we recommend are licensed and regulated, while enjoying an excellent reputation over the Internet. They have professional support, speedy payment methods and generous bonuses and offers.


What makes speed baccarat different from the regular, slower version of the game?

The name is self-explanatory, as speed baccarat uses exactly the same rules but is played at a faster pace.

Can I win more money playing speed baccarat?

The game has a tiny house edge compared to other games, which makes it easier to win in the long run.

Do rules of speed baccarat differ from classic baccarat rules?

Exactly the same rules are used for classic and speed baccarat, so the learning curve is silky smooth.

Where can I play speed baccarat online?

Evolution Gaming is the driving force behind the best casinos offering speed baccarat.

Do speed baccarat casinos also offer slower games?

You are almost certain to find the classic version of the game at online casinos offering speed baccarat.

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