Casino Game Odds and Strategy

Casino Game Odds and Strategy

What are your chances of winning big?

Not all casino games have the same odds. It’s important to note that odds affect your chances of winning.  Games like slots and roulette have less favourable odds while games of skill like blackjack have odds that depend on the use of strategy.  These casino game odds and strategies will teach you about each of the games and what you can do to improve your odds.


The odds of winning an even-money bet in American roulette are 47.37% and the house edge is 5.26%. All other bets have decreased odds which mean you are less likely to win.  European Roulette does not have a double zero so the house edge is 2.70%.  This lower edge gives players a better chance of winning.  Betting systems should generally not be used as a strategy and players should play French or European Roulette for better odds.


The odds of slots games will vary depending on the game and if it is played in land-based or online casinos.  Generally, you can expect the odds of online slots games to be better than land-based games.  There is no real strategy involved in slots games but it is important to choose a game with more favourable payout percentages.  In addition, you should use bankroll management techniques.


The odds of craps will vary greatly depending on the bet that is placed.  There are a wide variety of bets available and those with lower odds have higher payouts while bets with lower payouts have less favourable odds.  One simple craps strategy is to play Don’t Pass bets as these bets have better odds than other craps bets.

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