Charitable Gaming has Positive Effects for Communities

Charitable Gaming has Positive Effects for Communities

Charitable gaming earns funds for the underprivileged!

While some societies tout the negative factors of casino gaming, others are excited about the possibilities, specifically, in the effects gaming can have on charities. Gaming for charity has long been a staple. Through Bingo, the lottery, roulette and slots, charitable gaming has produced millions of dollars for the underprivileged. Charitable gaming means a social group, association, institution or foundation is planning an event to use gaming as a way to raise funds for a cause.

A Social Good – Betting on the Underdog

In order to hold such an event, private groups must follow a series of steps, including a licensing process. Governments, both local and national, establish agencies responsible for issuing licenses and ensuring the private groups are operating within the law. Charitable gaming is not a one-time event. Many charities continually sell instant cash cards, sometimes called Pickle Cards. The proceeds are specifically for the private groups, who must use part of the proceeds to pay for the distribution of the instant cash cards.

A Win-Win for Charitable Causes

Just as in any form of entertainment, gaming has positive and negative aspects, and social consequences. Charity gaming through Bingo and raffles provide nonprofit organizations with an outlet for fundraising, which is a highly positive aspect. Funds benefit the welfare of communities as a whole. Conducting gaming events and selling instant cash cards should be used to gauge the difference they make in communities.

Public officials must monitor nonprofit organizations and ensure they are following gaming laws to the tee. Organizations aim to provide fun and entertainment for those who attend. Adhering to the laws will make the events and sale of tickets run smoothly.

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