Popular Asian Casino Games

Popular Asian Casino Games

Experience the excitement of Asian-inspired casino games!

If you play at a land-based or online casino then you have probably noticed an increase in the number of Asian casino games.  Games like Sic Bo and Pai Gow Poker are becoming more popular than ever as they offer a unique take on traditional casino games.

Pai Gow Poker

As mentioned previously, Pai Gow has become a popular game in many casinos.  It is difficult to visit an online or land-based casino without running into this game.  Most Pai Gow games use a 53-card deck (with the joker) rather than the traditional Chinese dominoes. 

Sic Bo

Another popular Asian-themed game is Sic Bo.  This game uses rules that are very similar to the original game.  Many players compare this game to craps because it involves the use of dice.


Keno is probably the most westernized Asian-themed game.  Keno originated in China and was brought to Western countries by Chinese workers.  This game was played with symbols but today it is played with numbers instead. 


Mahjong is not as popular as Sic Bo, Keno or Pai Gow Poker but it still can be found in casinos all over the world.  Mahjong is played with tiles that showcase various symbols and players must choose a tile in order to complete their hand.  Players usually have 3 chances to choose a tile in order to form a winning hand.  If players are able to create a winning hand they will receive a payout in accordance with the pay table.  This game is not like traditional poker or video poker as it is completely based on luck.

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