The Best Gambling Books

The Best Gambling Books

Gambling literature at its best!

While many books have been written about casinos and gambling, there are just a few that are considered the top gambling books of all time.  This list of the top books on gambling includes novels, strategy guides, non-fiction books, historical information and other gaming and casino topics.  The following list includes the best books on gambling including a brief synopsis of the book.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This book was written by Hunter S. Thompson and it is an outrageous fictional story involving drugs and Las Vegas gambling adventures. 

Casino Royale

This was written by Ian Fleming and was the first entry to the James Bond series.

Beat the Dealer

This book, written by Edward O. Thorp, is one of the most influential Blackjack card counting books ever written.

Gambling 102

This book by Michael Shackleford, also known as the ‘Wizard of Odds’ is a complete guide to casino games. 

Casino Gambling for Dummies

This book was written by Kevin Blackwood and offers an easy to read guides on casino games.

The Battle for Las Vegas

This book by Dennis Griffin is an historical account of the tension between law enforcement and mobsters in Las Vegas. 

Bringing Down the House

Written by Ben Mezrich, this book is about the group of MIT students who formed a card counting team and won millions on blackjack in Las Vegas. 

The Video Poker Answer Book

This book was written by John Grachowski and is one of the best video poker guides available.

Blackjack Secrets

This book, by Stanford Wong, includes expert Blackjack advice and advanced card counting strategies. 

Blackbelt in Blackjack

Author Arnold Snyder, an expert blackjack player, offers his advice and strategies on blackjack in this book.

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