What is the Future of Online Gambling?

What is the Future of Online Gambling?

The future looks bright for online gambling!

Technological advancements have made online gambling and online casinos a reality that is here to stay.  Just as technology has made online gaming possible, it will also be the driving force behind the future direction of online gaming.

Social Gaming

The future of online gaming seems to be moving towards a more social environment.  Social gambling involves real money online games that allow players to interact through chat and social media networks.  Not only are online casinos creating more social games but social media networks are offering real money games as well.  Most of the 80 million registered Farmville players have used their own money to purchase additional content including farm plots and tools. 

Social network gaming has taken much of its ideas from the online casino industry.  A variety of multiplayer games like Entropia Universe and Second Life allow players to make virtual money in exchange for real money.  There are other games like Eve Online that have completely developed virtual economies.  In addition, social gamblers can exchange money for virtual coins or chips to be wagered on virtual blackjack or poker tables. 

Mobile Gaming

Another revolution in the online gaming industry is mobile gaming apps.  A market research report by Juniper Research states that the success of mobile gaming apps will likely to continue and even increase in the future.  This firm predicts that the number of mobile gamers will increase to 164 million by 2018 – more than double the number of current mobile players.  Juniper predicts that the industry is driven by customers who already play online casinos games on their computers.  This firm believes that well-designed smartphone and tablet gaming experiences could actually make them more popular for gaming than computers. 

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