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Welcome to OnlineCasinoReports Singapore: the definitive guide for top gambling sites and online casinos. We provide impartial reviews written by professionals, so players can use the information in the comprehensive guides.

Our site was designed with the Singaporean player in mind. OCR provides immediate and unrestricted access to the latest news from the gambling industry, insightful reviews, and game guides. Keep reading to learn more about who we are and our mission.

Our Goal

At OnlineCasinoReports, our goal is to help players navigate the treacherous waters of the online gambling industry. We have been doing this for two decades, and we put a lot of time, research, and effort into this project that was built on unwavering passion.

We have a comprehensive network that is comprised of localized websites, centered on industry news and tips, detailed guides, and a vibrant forum where punters can engage in meaningful conversations.

We go a step further in our quest to be the optimal partner for online casino fans and provide useful tools that help you narrow down the search. You can filter out subpar offers and find the best bonuses and promotions, based on your bankroll and expectations.

Whenever you have doubts or second thoughts, you can use our intuitive guides to learn the basics and master the games, while elevating yourself to the level of a pro in online gambling.

Our Guideline

OnlineCasinoReports is a passion-driven project and our goal is to help you enjoy online gambling in a secure and fun way.

This has been our top priority for more than two decades and we have based our activity on these principles:

  • User feedback is essential and represents the foundation of what we do
  • The content we display is independently researched by our professionals
  • We always offer free content and make sure players can access it easily.
  • OnlineCasinoReports is 100% independently owned and operated.
  • We are independent from gambling the gambling websites that we review
  • We work closely with review boards and auditors
  • There is no bias in the game and casino reviews written by our experts
  • We use a comprehensive 12-point process when vetting the recommended iGaming sites

Our Warranty

We are completely dedicated to your goals and interests. You can rest easy knowing that we back our reviews with independent research and the information is transparently displayed.

We pledge that our professionals have used the latest information available and trusted resources when writing reviews, news articles, game releases, and any of the guys you can find on our platform.

Our Team

Our mission is crystal clear and we are fully committed to success, as we try to outshine our peers and competitors. Right from the start, OnlineCasinoReports worked exclusively with people who share a passion for online gambling and are experts in their fields.

We can brag about employing a veteran team that has been in this line of work for more than 20 years. The result is a collection of reviews that were written and vetted by industry experts.

We don’t shy away from the latest technologies and innovation and will provide you with the latest news about cryptocurrencies, gambling laws, and regulations. To deliver the best results, we have assembled partnerships with industry leaders and experts in those fields.

What we do

In our quest to guarantee secure browsing of the online gambling market and to help you make the experience as pleasant as possible, we provide a reliable, single point of reference.

The cornerstone of our extensive gambling sites rating platform is a team with 20 years of experience. We use this knowledge to employ a 12-point system that offers a holistic approach when analyzing the quality of the website. We pay attention to the payment methods, security, fair play, and reputation while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

Our experts are always at work, researching the Internet for the latest bonus offers, promotions, and industry mergers, as well as changes in gambling legislation. All this useful information is delivered concisely, so players can stay up to speed with the latest changes with minimal effort.

Players are always at the center of our activity, and this is precisely the purpose of our forum. Those who visit often have developed a sense of camaraderie and are happy to share their insights with their peers while broadening their knowledge in the process.

20 years in this line of work is a lot and we believe that we have the experience, knowledge, and ability to convey useful messages and balanced information that helps players make informed decisions.

The OCR Story

OnlineCasinoReports was created by a team of enthusiastic gamblers who wanted to share their knowledge and help fellow players.

Back in 1997, this was a passion project but it quickly grew and set important milestones over the years. In 2002 the website came to life with a huge selection of reviews, useful guides, and information about the online gambling industry.

By 2005, OnlineCasinoReports launched a new version of the website, better looking and loaded with more information. The goal was to simplify the process of looking up information and help players find everything they seek much sooner.

UIGEA in 2006 brought major changes to the online gambling market, as it switched focus from the US and OnlineCasinoReports followed the trend

2008 was another major year for the website which unveiled its latest version as well as useful tools and filters, alongside the vibrant forum and localized content for residents of different countries.

We take great pride in the fact that we were among the first to offer content in several languages and focus on local bonuses, with an emphasis on specific currencies and software developers.

In our quest to provide specialized regional information, we made a further network expansion in 2014.

OnlineCasinoReports is a leading online gambling brand with a global presence through 75 gambling portals, serving players from many countries with information about bonuses, payment methods, game releases, and reviews.

2022 was another important year, as we unveiled the latest and best OnlineCasinoReports version. On this occasion, we focused on maximizing the satisfaction of mobile users, while providing even more filtering tools for punters who want to compare multiple casinos at once.

Our search infrastructure parameters got better and now players can look for different brand names, game categories, bonuses, and progressive jackpots more intuitively.

Local Sites

OnlineCasinoReports is available in many languages and localized versions. To discover more about OCR sites in your region and language, click the link below.

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