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Online Casinos Reviews for Singaporean players, we provide all the information and recommendation on whether an online casino is worthwhile to join.

Singaporeans enjoy a wide selection of online casinos, as many have done the work and made some additions that will better serve the local gambling community. One can play at online casinos that feel totally "Singaporean." How come?

At some online casinos, those listed on our directory below, some games are local favorites, live dealers are local perhaps, the payment methods accepted at the cashier are popular and compatible with local banking habits, and more.

The following are reviews of the top online casinos for Singaporean gambling. See what's on offer, make your choice and start playing!

If you are interested in checking out a new casino, we have for you a special list of New Online Casinos in Singapore, complete with reviews of all the latest online casinos.

Additional Knowledge on Web-based Casinos

A Web-based casino is characterized as a service that enables bettors to risk their money on games of luck through the World Wide Web. Web-based gambling is widely acknowledged as one of the pioneering industries in the Web. Because of technological advancements, online gambling has continually improved at a highly favorable rate. At present, there are already hundreds of Web-based casinos. Such online sites have numerous financiers and developers.

It can be said that Web-based casinos are insufficiently regulated and their 'regulation' is primarily enacted through the facilitation of their respective affiliates. It is noteworthy for future and present clients that the existing 'regulatory' measures only support the players in accessing previously proven authentic gambling websites. The current measures are essentially not capable of safeguarding the clients from getting victimized by cyber criminals.

Legality of Web-based Casinos

Although Web-based gambling is essentially poorly regulated, such form of gambling is restricted to certain degrees by the respective governments of numerous countries. USA and France are two countries that usually deal with significant amounts and degrees of online gambling issues. Software marketers and agencies responsible for granting licenses restrict citizens in certain locations to wager their money through Web-based casinos. The legality of Web-based casinos has already been supported by numerous entities. However, there are also several sectors that question such legality.

Employed Technologies

JavaScript and simple HTML codes were employed for developing the first Web-based casinos. Because of developments in the computing world and information technology realm, more effective and more powerful Web-based casinos have emerged. Several years ago, such casinos mainly appeared in downloadable forms that employ continually developing technological resources. Given the recent online and mobile breakthroughs, more and more developers and clients desire to apply Adobe Flash and HTML5 as the platforms for playing Web-based games of luck.  

Offered Online Games

Different Web-based games are made available by various online casinos. The most famous online game there is at present is the Web-based video slot. The mentioned online game was formed out of the concept employed in tangible video slots existing within the physical realm. Many of the available online games serve as highly accurate imitations of the original games. Web-based casinos provide poker and other card games, games on fixed odds, three-reel slots, roulette games and many other forms of online gambling.

Third parties provide the licenses held by a very large percentage of Web-based casinos. Such licenses permit the casinos to bulk up the contents of their digital libraries. Given the immense success of Web-based gambling, more and more software makers and marketers emerge. Some of them are Cryptologic, Net Entertainment and Playtech. Turnkey software providers market and provide entire sets of online games of luck. However, there are several software providers who only provide the specifically purchased games. Under such scenario, the owner or manager of the casino must process the entailed backend.


Technological progress remarkably enhanced the adaptive capability of Web-based casinos. More often than not, these casinos cater to a very diverse group of players through multiple software platforms. Typical Web-based gambling sites apply instant play platforms that are characterized by several exciting games of chances accessible through a singular online site. There are already hundreds of Web-based casinos that provide numerous betting selections like those involved in live gaming and sports betting.

Mobile Casinos

The widespread utilization of smartphone technologies resulted to the surge in the popularity of mobile casinos. At present, a vast majority of Web-based casinos are capable of providing mobile versions of their widely famous games. It is noteworthy that a significant number of such casinos have already set up mobile webpages that are particularly designed for players who access their games through smartphones. Playing the game using a smartphone grants several amazing perks that are not granted by the original Web-based game format. 

Kinds of Jackpots

Different jackpot systems are applied by the hundreds or thousands of online gambling sites. The most enormous jackpots usually result from progressive gaming schemes. The progressive jackpots of real life casino games act as the foundation for the progressive jackpots of online gambling sites. These sites invest a particular amount to become their respective initial jackpots. Such jackpots eventually accumulate predetermined percentages of the bets originating from the games' numerous players. The jackpots keep on increasing until they are won be lucky players.

Under most situations, the jackpot prize is exclusive to a particular game. Such can be exemplified by the Shopping Spree of Real Time Gaming. Players may also encounter jackpots that encompass several games, which possess a single theme. The mentioned type of jackpot is applied in the Marvel Comics Series by Playtech. There are also very few betting sites, which provide jackpots that extensively apply to all the offered games of luck. This quite uncommon form of jackpot is applied in Jackpot Party Casino by the company WMS.

Significance of Bonuses

Web-based casinos generally grant bonuses to their newly registered or long devoted members. These bonuses provide the vital competitive edge over other Internet gambling sites that lack such benefits. The most famous form of bonus employed by the Web-based casinos is the welcome bonus. In this type of bonus, a percentage match is provided out of the earliest deposit performed by a newly registered player.

Terms of Service

The granting and management of bonuses are supervised by specially made rules and regulations. These policies commonly lead to disputes between the players and the owners of the Web-based casinos. The terms of service declare the necessary amount to be played and the specific games in which such amount must be spent on before a gaming client withdraws some money. It is expected that there will be rules and regulations concerning territorial restrictions, withdrawal ceilings and time limits.

Games involving no deposit bonuses are easily anticipated to have the strictest forms of restriction. Such is especially true if they have been utilized in granting welcome bonuses. Every single registered client can acquire a portion of the bonus finances. Because of this, Web-based casinos are obliged to enforce sturdy registration processes. It is completely normal for an online casino to have wagering requirements that are significantly bigger for no deposit bonuses than those for match deposit.

It is truly perilous to blindly disregard the terms of service presented by Web-based casinos and many gamblers have already heftily paid the price of such error. The habit of neglecting the mandatory terms of service under the online setting can be grievously taxing when playing within a Web-based gambling environment. Gamers must be properly acquainted with the rules and regulations drafted by the respective Web-based casinos they are dealing with especially that they may lose substantial money in the process. Because of the fact that the Web-based gambling industry is poorly regulated, Internet gambling websites definitely have the privilege of inserting anything they please into their respective terms of service.

Casino Affiliates

The financial triumph of a Web-based casino is significantly affected by the affiliate programs supporting it. More often than not, the owners of Internet-based casinos entrust their marketing campaigns to the reliable hands of private marketers. These owners may opt to pay the hired advertisers under a commission basis or a cost per acquisition scheme.

The ascent or collapse of Web-based casinos is significantly influenced by the employed affiliate advertising scheme. There are definitely several affiliates, who select the Web-based casinos they serve mainly in accordance to the expected earnings of those online casinos. However, a larger number of those affiliates assess the track record of a particular Web-based casino to properly judge whether or not it is credible and whether or not it must attain numerous players.

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