Benefit from the global usage and high security of MasterCard when making all your online payment transactions.

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MasterCard has a three-word motto:  safe, simple and smart.  That is because the company prides itself on making these priorities through each and every one of its online transactions.  Through its easy-to-use processes and top consulting services, MasterCard offers all its customers the perfect way of making online transactions, wherever they are, at any time of day or night.

MasterCard’s History

MasterCard has been in the business of providing transactional services since 1966.  In other words, it has substantial experience in the industry. Thus today, MasterCard boasts a reputation as being trustworthy, safe and consistent.  In addition, MasterCard has been at the forefront of some crucial commercial developments both large and small, pushing business growth for its customers.

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A lot has changed in the world of finance over the last four decades.  MasterCard has responded to these changes in kind.  When in the 1990s e-payments started gaining popularity, MasterCard developed its technology to deal with that.  In 2001 the company revolutionized its network, enabling it to make payments “safe, simple and smart,” keeping its motto in mind.

Just two years ago, MasterCard acquired Travelex (now known as Access Prepaid Worldwide). Given that MasterCard is also primarily a technology company, this is being used to ensure the utmost security online.  Thus customers at MasterCard (that include government entities) know that their money and transactions are safe with MasterCard.  Today, MasterCard can be funded through MasterCard, credit and debit cards.

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