Visa Electron

Visa Electron provides debit card services with additional features to help the user be in control of their spending.

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One of the drawbacks of a debit card – for those trying to stay on budget – is the fact that they let the user draw out money that they do not have.  This is not the case with Visa Electron.  Thus Visa Electron is a great debit card for those who wish to make large payments online but at the same time, remain within a budget.  In other words, the Visa Electron makes the perfect choice for an online casino transaction payment.

History of the Visa Electron

The Visa Electron was launched in 1985 by Visa.  It is a sister card to the Visa debit card but that card enables the user to draw out money that is not there (in other words, go overdrawn).  Visa Electron, as mentioned above, does not have that feature. 

Visa Electron Benefits

Today, the Visa Electron is actually the preferred choice of debit card in the firm’s Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) region.  In China for example, the Visa Electron is the only debit card (non-UnionPay) available for new accounts.  

Visa Electron users can access their money from ATMs in countries other than where they live.  With regular ATM cards, this is not always the case.  In addition, there is a low interchange fee with the Visa Electron card.  This means that those companies that may surcharge credit and debit card payments are unlikely to do so with payments via Visa Electron.

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