Casino Swiss Features Tequila Poker

Admin. - November 26, 2011

It starts with a shot of Tequila Poker.

The Casino Swiss is known throughout the world of online gaming as being one of the best places for table games. They have a whole range of the very best table games on offer and their players always know that there is loads of action to be had playing on the great games that they have.

Tequila Poker

One amazing game on offer to players at the Casino Swiss is a game called Tequila Poker. This game is best described as being a combination of casino poker and Blackjack. This great game gives players the choice to either play poker or a form of Blackjack after they have seen their cards.

How to Play

The rules of the game are that first the player puts down their ante, then 4 cards are dealt. At this point the player can fold and lose their ante, play the hand like a poker hand or play the hand like a Blackjack hand. If they decide to play the hand like a poker hand then they are dealt 2 more cards and they only need a pair of Aces in order to have a winning hand. If the player decides to play the hand like Blackjack they are dealt 2 more cards and the value of the cards must add up to at least 46 points to get paid out. Whatever the player decides they place an amount of money equal to their ante on the table in order to continue.

At Casino Swiss

This game is incredible fun and there is loads of money to be made playing it. Already it has become one of the most popular games on offer at the Casino Swiss with players signing up from all over the world to play. Open an account at the Casino Swiss and make your first deposit and you can get into the amazing action to be had playing Tequila Poker and whole range of other amazing games too.



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