Gamzix Release ‘Japanese Coin: Hold the Spin’, an Enthralling Journey into the Heart of Japan

OCR Editor. - June 4, 2023
Japanese Coin: Hold the Spin

Gamzix, a rapidly growing game design studio, sets a new standard in the gaming industry with its unique slot game, "Japanese Coin: Hold the Spin", a captivating blend of Japanese culture and state-of-the-art gaming technology.

Gamzix, the rapidly growing B2B casino games supplier firm, has launched a unique new slot game, "Japanese Coin: Hold the Spin", bringing Japan's rich traditions and ethereal beauty to the gaming world. By leveraging the aesthetic allure of cherry blossoms and the subtleties of tea ceremonies, Gamzix's latest venture brings Japanese culture alive on the virtual slot.

This 5-reel, 3-row slot with 20 fixed paylines is marked by unique features that provide exciting gameplay experiences. Special symbols such as Wild, Scatter, and Coin trigger diverse gaming options, offering players a variety of ways to engage with the game and maximize their potential winnings.

Japanese Coin gameplay screenshot

The appearance of six Coin symbols on the reels sets off a Bonus Game with three levels of Jackpots – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. In addition, a coveted Platinum Jackpot is up for grabs if players can collect 15 Coins. The game also includes a Mystery Coin that could randomly transform into a jackpot at the end of the Bonus Game, adding an extra element of surprise and thrill.

Scatter symbols, however, unlock three levels of Free Spins, each presenting different reward types. In addition, Gamzix allows players to Buy Free Spins, heightening the probability of earning special rewards within the game. For example, "Japanese Coin: Hold the Spin" offers an RTP of up to 96% and a Max win exceeding x5200, making it a game of high enjoyment and high stakes.

Japanese Coin Buy Free Spins

Lida Kosohova, CCO at Gamzix, spoke about the marriage of technology and art in their new creation:

While we acknowledge the vital role of technical aspects in slot games, with 'Japanese Coin', the visual concept has become a real focus for our art team. We endeavoured to make our players feel immersed in Japanese culture and appreciate not just the gameplay but every element, sound, and graphic. We've achieved this balance perfectly.

Japanese Coin Bonus

In conclusion, "Japanese Coin: Hold the Spin" is a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese culture and advanced gaming technology, aiming to offer players a mesmerizing and engaging gaming experience. The game is now available across all Gamzix platforms.

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