Like Poker and Blackjack? Play Tequila Poker

Admin. - November 17, 2012

Tequila Poker - already a winner.

Tequila Poker is a relatively new online card game to hit the market.  However, it has already become a winner. If you are looking for a slight variation on Poker or Blackjack or if you’re simply a big fan of both games, then you will love Tequila Poker. This is your chance to play both Poker and Blackjack in one exciting game, which all adds up to maximum fun.

Once you've placed your ante bet, you will be dealt four cards. Then, it is decision time! You can choose to fold and surrender your initial bet. Or, if you wish to play you can choose the High Tequila option, where you play a simple Blackjack hand. 

Usually, a total point score of over 46 guarantees a payout. Or alternatively, you can choose to play Tequila Poker, where you must play a selection of five cards using the usual rules of Poker to build a winning hand.

Tequila Poker Options and Versions

Noble Casino offers an attractive Tequila Poker option. Enjoy the clear and attractive graphics while following the easy instructions, to give you the best chance possible of cashing in on a big win. You will find some really good odds and payouts, so it’s worth checking out.

Meanwhile, at Casino Las Vegas, you can enjoy a truly premier Tequila Poker experience. The attention to detail is impressive, including betting odds for both High Tequila and Tequila Poker options clearly laid out. 

Every small detail appears to have been thought of, including an entertaining Mexican hat motif on the Tequila Poker banner across the play table. Once again, the graphics are top notch and it’s simply a highly playable experience. So, if you are looking for a bit of variety in your online casino play, then Tequila Poker might be just what you were looking for.

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