Online Casino Ratings: What Matters Most

Admin. - June 1, 2013

We have listed the top 10 online casinos in the business.

There are hundreds of online casinos in the industry today and it is getting harder to figure out who is worth it and who is not.  Online Casino Reports (OCR) works to sift through all the brands in the world today and bring you the top dogs in the industry. 

There are definitely more than 10 brands that we think are great but our top 10 online casino list are those that are truly outstanding. 

How do we define an outstanding online casino? There are a number of criteria that a top brand needs to fill in order to make the grade and if you really want to know What Matters Most; here’s our thinking.

1. Is the casino dedicated to giving its players the best possible online experience possible? - This is by far the most important thing for us to make our top ten lists.  It is easy to see who really cares about customers and who does not.  Are there more than just Welcome Bonuses and First Deposit Bonuses, are there on-going promotions for long time members, a great VIP club, perks for players, etc.

2. Are the games the best possible? - This is straightforward, are the games the best on the market today.  Is the variety of the games offered interesting and action-packed and as technologically advanced as possible?

3. Do they strive for innovation? - Is the brand always keeping things fresh by using the newest technology, the freshest software offered by their provider, etc? 

4. Banking Options - If an online casino wants to be a top ranked brand, they need to offer a number of banking options so all people have a good, secure way to deposit and withdraw funds.

5. Do they care about customers? - Customer Support makes or breaks.  If you have a great online casino but your customer care team doesn't care for their customers it’s all for not.  Being able to give ‘round the clock’ service, fast, efficiently and to the extent that goes above and beyond the question being asked is essential to our top ten lists.

These questions are the most basic of things that we ask ourselves at OCR when trying to find out which brand is the best.  There are of course many other factors taken into consideration but if the brand doesn't hit a perfect 10 on any of these 5 questions, they don’t make the cut.  You can be sure that using any of the top 10 ranked OCR online casinos will be an outstanding experience while you play.

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