Online slots Review: Bejewelled

Admin. - January 16, 2012

The most famous slot machine on any online casino.

There are a lot of high quality online slots at the Party Casino for players to make loads of money playing and here is a review of one of their best.

Bejewelled is perhaps the most famous online slot on the World Wide Web. This great game sees hundreds of precious stones spinning around on five pristine paylines waiting for a lucky player to line up the right combination to unlock the jackpot.

The regular jackpot stands at a very nice 8,000 times the line bet and the super jackpot is an incredible 20,000 times the line bet making it a very big jackpot indeed. This game is the all-round great casino slot and is world famous for paying out loads of money all of the time.

The game is special because it doesn’t work in the same way as a regular slot. The jewels are all encased in their own cell and in the same way as Tetris, once a bunch match they pay out to the player and then disappear. When the winning jewels have disappeared new lines are formed and the game begins again.

This makes Bejewelled a really great fun game and makes it more likely to pay out since it doesn’t conform to the same structure as other, more traditional, online slots. There is also a wild symbol thrown into the mix to make it even easier to win that all important super jackpot. This is just one of the fantastic games available at the Party Casino.

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