Paytrust is a U.S.-based online platform that allows users to receive, pay, and track bills online. All bills are stored in one secure place and can be paid with one click.

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Paytrust is a U.S.-based online payment platform that allows users to receive, pay, and track bills online. It eliminates the need to deal with paper bills by scanning those bills to user accounts and then sending them electronically. Bills can be paid with one click on the same platform. Paytrust is ideal for people who travel a lot and don’t want to fall behind on their bills. It’s also great for anyone who wants to stay organized by keeping all their bills in one easy-to-access account.

Paytrust isn’t an online bank, but rather, it works with banks and allows users to pay bills with up to 10 different bank accounts.

Online Payments

In addition to paying monthly bills, users can use Paytrust to pay anyone with a U.S. mailing address, including individuals and businesses. Users simply need to set up a Payee Profile, enter contact information, and send a payment. If the person/company you’re sending to doesn’t accept electronic payments, Paytrust will issue a paper check.


New users can sign up to Paytrust and get one month for free. After that, the cost is $9.95 per month.


At this point, Paytrust is only available in the United States and only U.S. bills can be paid. However, the site can be accessed by users even when they're abroad.


Paytrust comes from the makers of TurboTax, Mint, and Quicken, all reputable brand names. The company uses industry-recognized security standards and all information is encrypted.

Customer Support

Paytrust customer support is available via phone 24/7, not including holidays. The Paytrust site also has a help center with frequently asked questions and answers.

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