For safe, easy, fast online payment transactions, PaySafeCard is the natural choice.

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Pre-paid, web-based cards like PaySafeCard make online financial transactions easy.  PaySafeCard is simple, secure, and fast – everything one could possibly require to facilitate all online payments.  It makes life easy for the customer and the merchant.  It is often the preferred method of online financial transactions throughout Europe and can be purchased in more than 90,000 sales outlets.

Benefits of PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard has no hidden expenses. Very little is required of the customer.  The company does not request any financial information one does not wish to divulge, such as credit card or banking details. PaySafeCard customers can access their credit balance any time, any place.  In addition, there is no expiration date with the card; it lasts forever!

Today, there are more than 18,000 PaySafeCard retailers in the UK. In addition, for those looking for total anonymity and simplicity in their online transactions, PaySafeCard makes a great choice.

Funding and Security

PaySafeCard can be purchased in a variety of values: £10, £25, £50, £75 units. In addition, when accessing one’s account, a 16 digit PIN code is requested.  That means no unauthorized access is possible. However, at the same time, PaySafeCard administrators do not have access to one’s personal banking details.

With the ease of use, security, promise of anonymity and extensive accessibility, PaySafeCard is a great way of conducting online financial transactions.

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